Shirt designs

Clothing sets us apart in lifestyle, creativity and coolness. So what would a tournament, especially the German Championships, be without a dedicated shirt? We had everything so far, printed one-sided and two-sided, a huge logo on the chest or a small signature. „Everything's possible, nothing has to“. You should know that you can't seperate a freestyler and his or her shirt from the tournament. It's more than a proof for the podium, it's a proof for being part of it. This might be the best memory of all. Which shirts are in your wardrobes? Which one is your favourite?

Berlin 2005

Design by: Aloha Berlin

Nuremberg 2006

A shame that there wasn't a tournament shirt in 2006.

Karlsruhe 2007

Design by: Jule Schuster

Friedrichshafen 2008

Design by: let us know.

Cologne 2009

Design by: Sascha Scherzinger

Berlin 2010

Design by: Anton Capellmann & Mark Wiebusch

Munich/ Chiemsee 2011

Design by: Niki Thoma

Neubrandenburg 2012

Design by: PeachBeach

Nuremberg 2013

Design by: Tobias Gebert