Group pictures

Group pictures – what a jolly. You not only see the people getting older and if the tournament took place in a gym or on a meadow. You can also witness the technical development of the digi cam that were introduced as something totally new in 2005. One some you see more, on some you see less players. Some players are on almost every picture – or every picture. Guess who could be the one? Do you recognise yourself on the photos? Enjoy the search and findings.

Berlin - 2005

Nuremberg - 2006


Karlsruhe - 2007

Photo by: SSC

Cologne - 2009

Photo by: Tim Pattberg

Berlin - 2010

Photo by: Philipp Maubach

Munich/ Chiemsee - 2011

Photo by: Florian Hess

Neubrandenburg - 2012

Photo by: Stephan Stoll

Nuremberg - 2013

Photo by: Chris Bellaj

Nürnberg - 2013

Photo by: Ronald Kretschmann