Disc designs

Frisbee discs: we're fascinated by the colours and their wide range of prints and designs, from graphics and type to people and tricks. In every individual design you find the full colour range of the rainbow. Each design represents regional identity and the graphic trends of the places. During the last 10 years not only the skills and tricks of the players evolved. The disc designs did too.


Berlin 2005

Design by: let us know.


Nuremberg 2006

Design by: Fabio Sanna


Karlsruhe 2007

Design by: Jule Schuster


Friedrichshafen 2008

Design by: ???


Cologne 2009

Design by: Sascha Scherzinger


Berlin 2010

Scheibendesign 2010 @ Anton Capellmann & Mark Wiebusch_1

Design by: Anton Capellmann & Mark Wiebusch


Munich/ Chiemsee 2011

Scheibendesign 2011 @ Niki Thoma_1

Design by: Niki Thoma


Neubrandenburg 2012

Scheibendesign 2012 @ peachbeach_1

Design by: PeachBeach


Nuremberg 2013

Scheibendesign 2013 @ Tobias Gebert_1

Design by: Tobias Gebert


Hamburg 2014

Scheibendesign 2013 @ Tobias Gebert_1

Design by: Andreas Rose